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Blue Willow Mosaic Kit with Flowers and Antique Spoons

Blue Willow Mosaic Kit

View Blue Willow Mosaic Kit Detail Page


Pink Mosaic Kit with English Bone China Floral Broach

Pink Broken China Mosaic Kit

(Sold Out, will try to re-stock in November, 2014. View Detail Page


Below: The Basics kit with Assorted Pastel Shards

Broken China and Pique Assiette Mosaic Kits
Shards for Mosaic Kits

Finished Broken China Mosaic Kit Picture Frame

So what makes my kits so special? 
Shards: Most ordinary craft kits found in big-box stores contain flat tiles or “china pieces” which are usually nothing but printed flat tiles.  The shards you will receive are from my own personal collection:  Cut from damaged antique dishes that I have chosen for their beauty, texture and shape.  There ARE a few flat pieces, but having an array gives you what you need to get a truly authentic Pique Assiette piece.  And  you’ll get plenty of them, enough for your frame(s) and then some.  Of course, you should look around and see if you have anything in your house that might work well, too.  And objects such as broken jewelry pieces, figurines, utensils, shells, flower pieces, well really there are very few limits to what you can use in your mosaic. (continued below photos of mosaic kit) Obsessively-Detail Instructions with full color pictures
You’ll learn a great deal from my instructions:  How to cut china with tile nippers, the secrets to grouting mosaics, how to use mastic adhesive to get the authentic Pique Assiette Mosaic  look and feel. And this is no time to save trees...I want you to have these paper instructions to be able to set in front of you while you work!
Beautifully Packaged:  My kits are an art project in and of themselves. Makes this a great mosaic kit to give as a gift, or a special occasion “rainy day” treat for sister, friends, and mother-daughter days.

Contents of Basic Mosaic Kits:

Small Wood Picture Frame, sealed and ready for use.
Bag of Grout
Mixing container for Grout
Grout Reserve Cup
Jar of Mastic Adhesive with wooden spreaders
Bag of shards from my china shard collection
Metal Fork & Spoon (vintage, of course!) for Mixing Grout
Gloves to protect your hands while grouting
Tile Nippers
Shard-cutting Baggies, to protect your eyes and work-space
Tooth-picks for stubborn places to clear grout from tiny areas
Pre-Cut Grout Clearing Towels (viva of course!)
Plastic Work-Place Protection Sheet
Polishing cloth for final cleaning of your mosaic masterpiece.
8-Page Instruction Manual

FREE SHIPPING – these kits are HEAVY and I send them by U.S. Priority Mail. 



To learn the skill from scratch, you would need to gather some building materials, which generally come in huge heavy bags. You may have some of these around your house, but I firmly believe in freshness of both grout and mastic. I've made it really easy for you to see if this is a fine-craft that you will enjoy, without any trouble at all.

Just the Shards, Please! Broken China Antique Mosaic Shards

Let's say you have some pique assiette mosaic experience, and you have the tools, grout and mastic, but simply need a creative push! These are shards carfefully and lovingly harvested from my antique shard collection, cut into manageable pieces.

Set W-1
White Mosaic Broken China Mosaic Shards

Assortment W-1: Aged whites with pale florals. Skill-range: Advanced

$35 Free Shipping


Detail of set W-1:

White Broken China Mosaic Shards Set W-1 Detail

Details of lovely crazing and texture. There are enough shards for a medium-sized mirror or picture frame, bowl, or other medium-sized project.

Set M-1: Multi-colored broken china shards

Multi-colored broken china mosaic shards

$35 Free Shipping

The set to the left includes colorful shards from damaged American Art Pottery pieces, blue willow, sponge-ware, and Homer Laughlin.






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